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Tips to Prevent Misplacing Keys

Tips to Prevent Misplacing Keys

Keeping your home keys easily accessible for you but not for unauthorized people is vital in ensuring the security of your home. Finding yourself with lost house keys is not only inconvenient, but it could be very alarming as they could go to the hands of the wrong person. The same goes with lost office keys. If you keep on forgetting where you place them, there are various things that you can try to prevent this problem from happening.

How to Prevent Losing Your Keys

Prevent Misplacing KeysOne of the most common things that people do to prevent losing them is by using keychains. Find ones that are bigger than them. You may use several of them so they would be easier to spot. This could also be fun as there are different designs, styles and colours available. You may also do this with your transponder key. Another option is to use a lanyard. Yes, this is the same lanyard that you use for your ID. You may attach it together with your ID if it’s for the office, or if it’s for your car or home, you may use a separate lanyard. These lanyards are also available in different designs so you don’t have to worry about wearing them around. It would not be difficult to find a style that suits your taste and would go well with your outfit.

There are also belt key holders that you can use for securing your keys on your belt. These are better options if you don’t like wearing lanyard with keys around your neck. Our experts also recommend having a key box where you can place all your keys in the house or office. With this, you’ll know which area to look when you need a specific one. However, this may also cause security risks if an unauthorized individual gains access to it. In case for some reason you lost your keys, you can have them replaced, go for rekeying or have your door locks replaced.  The last two options are safer since the old ones cannot be used anymore for opening the doors in your house.

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