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UPVC Door Locks

UPVC Door Locks
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Door Lock Repairs

UPVC Door LocksWhen the key doesn’t get inside the lock or doesn’t turn, the cylinder should be checked for wearing and breaking. In either case, it has to be replaced. When you can’t close the door properly, the strike receiver could be loose. Adjusting it and tightening the screws should help to solve the problem. If the locking mechanism hasn’t been installed correctly, it has to be readjusted so that the bolt goes smoothly into the receiver. Floppy handle is a sign of a serious problem with UPVC door locks. It shows that the multipoint mechanism is worn, greatly damaged or broken. The solution involves replacing the mechanism with a new one. If a lock malfunctions because of a bent, dull or chipped key, timely key replacement is essential.

Align UPVC Door

Very often, the door is difficult to open and close, and the lockset malfunctions because the unit doesn’t fit the frame properly. This problem has to do with the hinges. They should be checked for damage and wearing in the first place. The ones which are in poor condition should be replaced timely. The new hinges must have the same size, design and make as the old ones to work properly. If the existing hardware parts are in good condition, the solution to the problem is door adjustment. This is done with manipulating the hinges. The flag ones have holes and the butt ones have screws for the purpose. The hinges are adjusted with the use of a special tool.

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